About Wallace McGregor

Mr. McGregor is the owner and president of Steelhead Specialty Minerals, Inc. Under Mr. McGregor’s leadership since 1988 Steelhead Specialty Minerals has risen to a leadership role in developing applications for zeolites in industrial, agriculture, aquaculture, waste water, odor control and nuclear fields. Steelhead develops, produces and markets natural zeolites in the United States, Canada
and Europe.

Steelhead, during the late ‘80’s and early ’90’s, developed and marketed Sweet PDZ. This nationally recognized brand with significant distribution networks across the country is the leader in ammonia, odor control and bedding extension for stalled animals. This product has found a niche in the animal health and husbandry category.  Steelhead is also the United States distributor of Azelis Viscolite, a slurry additive,  and Feed-add S, both utilize Steelhead zeolites in their ingredients.

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Wallace McGregor

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