Company History

Steelhead Specialty Minerals, Inc. has a history of innovation in zeolite applications that dates back to the days of the first recognition that natural zeolites occurring in large deposits held the potential for economic applications serving to improve the environment. 

In 1983, Phelps Dodge Corporation purchased the suite of zeolite deposits discovered by Occidental Minerals with which it created the PDZ Company.  It was the PDZ Company that first introduced the concept of removing ammonia from manure with zeolites under the trade mark “Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher.”   The product quickly gained recognition for its high performance in ammonia removal and over the years has achieved the status of leader in the field of horse stall ammonia control products   

In 1985, Tenneco Minerals, acquired the Company from Phelps Dodge and in 1988,  Tenneco sold the company to Steelhead Resources, Ltd., which changed the name to Steelhead Specialty Minerals, Inc.  The company has had steady growth during the course of the ensuing 20 years.   Wallace McGregor, President of the company since 1988 acquired the company in 2006.

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