Aquaculture : Filtration & Ammonium Removal

Steelhead Specialty Mineral  zeolites are used in intensive fish farming operations to filtrate ammonia, stabilize ph, reduce stress,  disease and mortality and to provide a clean healthy environment. The zeolites  also help to maintain healthy bacterial colonies and provide super oxygenated water.

The zeolites high cation exchange capacity (C.E.C.) allows them to be an excellent medium for the removal of toxic ammonia by way of ion exchange;  as a physical/chemical filter, or as a biological filter for bacterial breakdown. Plus, the affinity of some species of Steelhead Specialty Minerals zeolites for nitrogen makes them capable of producing oxygen enriched air for water system aeration.
A variety of systems have been designed and engineered utilizing Steelhead Specialty Minerals zeolites in the reduction of ammonia in fish rearing environments. ( See illustration) Our zeolites are also used in the trans-shipment of fish lowering mortality by eliminating toxic ammonia build up in transport water.

Used as a substrate in biological filters, Steelhead Specialty Minerals zeolites are remarkably effective as well. They provide a suitable habitat for the growth of the bacterial populations required in the breakdown of NH4 to NH3. The zeolites remain effective as chemical filters capable of modifying fluctuations in the system’s NH4 available to bacteria at a more stable level, thus enabling the bacteria population to remain abundant during periods of low NH4 contamination.

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