Agriculture : Soil Amendment

Steelhead Specialty Minerals zeolites are natural, organically occurring earth minerals possessing unique properties that are beneficial to the professional and the amateur grower. Steelhead Specialty Minerals zeolites improve soil’s structure by coupling high cation exchange capacity (C.E.C.) with a selective affinity for ammonium and potassium.

Steelhead Specialty Minerals zeolites can reduce nutrient loss due to leaching by increasing the retention of these nutrients and slowly releasing them as needed by the soil and plants. Increasing the C.E.C. of the growing media and, in particular, the selective form of the C.E.C. has a direct bearing upon nutrient retention. This effect is most evident in sandy soils where it can provide the plant population with a more efficient and uniform supply of these nutrients.

The selectivity of Steelhead Specialty Minerals zeolites for ammonium can help buffer the soil and in part can prevent toxicity which might otherwise occur when excess ammonium is applied. This property may allow the grower to use this less costly form of nitrogen in larger, less frequent applications during the growing season.

The retention and timely release of needed nutrients by the zeolites create improvements in foliage and blossom count, which many relate directly to overall crop yield.

Steelhead Specialty Minerals zeolites can improve Sthe characteristics of the growing media. The initial quality and texture of the growing media, the fertilization, and the amount of zeolite determine the degree of this improvement.

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