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Viscolight GK, distributed by Broste using Steelhead Specialty Minerals zeolites, is used in manure storage tanks and slurry lagoons for the dual purpose of: 1) retaining the nitrogen value in the slurry; and 2) creating a more homogeneous and more easily pumped liquid manure.  Viscolight creates a more homogeneous slurry and less viscous mixture of sedimentary and floating layers. Slurry movement is a common challenge for lagoon management.  The simple use of a small amount of Viscolight will dramatically help. (See case study)

Viscolight works by slackening and binding some of the ammonia in the slurry. This makes it easier to mix the sediment and floating layer to a consistent mass, which can keep floating for up to 24 hours after stirring.  Optimal effect will occur with daily stirring.  After adding to the slurry tanks Viscolight will remain active for more than a year. However, more Viscolight must be added if there has been a supply of new and untreated slurry. This is done with 20 grams per cubic meter (0.7 ounces per 264 gallons or .53 ounces per 200 gallons) of added slurry. If the manure storage tank has been at rest for a longer period of time, it should be stirred vigorously before you start spreading.

 If Viscolight is used all the time, it must continue to be treated at regular intervals at the rate of  20 grams of Viscolight per cubic meter of slurry added since the last treatment. Stir the mixture well before the slurry is pumped into the storage tank. Once in the storage tank Viscolight is added before or at the same time the stirring of the storage tank is started (20 grams Viscolight per cubic meter slurry). If a floating layer is present use the mixer to create a hole and add the Viscolight directly stirring well. Under normal circumstances and regular use of Viscolight, a floating layer will build up. Heavy rainfall may break down a thin floating layer and it will require rebuilding. Building a strong floating layer starts with 20 grams of Viscolight per cubic meter of slurry.  If Viscolight has been added previously only use 20 grams per cubic meter. Then add 2 to 5 pounds of finely chopped straw to the surface of the storage tank. The straw and Viscolight are vigorously stirred with the slurry creating a very strong floating layer which prevents the evaporation of ammonia from the storage tank.

Note: if Viscolight has been added to the slurry, you must always stir the slurry vigorously before you start spreading it in order to expect the maximum benefit.

Start-up Pigs:

  1. Pump as much as possible from the basins and drains to the storage tank or lagoon.
  2.  Add 20 grams Viscolight per cubic meter of slurry to drains and basins.
  3.  Let the Viscolight work until the drain is full and has to be emptied.
  4. After emptying add 20 grams of Viscolight per cubic meter of slurry to drains and basins repeat this process every time draining occurs.

Start-up Cows:

  1. Pump as much as possible from the barn to the storage tank or lagoon.
  2. Add 20 grams Viscolight to the slurry storage area.
  3. Allow the slurry to circulate for a minimum of 2.5 hours a day until the next emptying.
Repeat the addition of 20 grams Viscolight per cubic meter to the slurry.

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