Agriculture : Odor Control

Sweet PDZ, the number one brand of horse stall refresher in the U.S. uses zeolites sourced by Steelhead Specialty Minerals. These zeolites, mined from the St. Cloud deposit, are ideally designed to control ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and their resultant harmful malodorous fumes.

Ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are gaseous by-products created by the breakdown of organic material in food and other waste products. These products can be found in many environments  home, work and animal areas inside and out. Once these gases are released into the atmosphere they become irritating and a health hazard to animals and humans alike.

Ammonia is an acrid, intense offensive odor. The potential for aggravation and damage to eyes and respiratory system can be acute, as accumulations of the gas increases in confined areas. Horses, chickens, swine and other animals are adversely affected by high concentrations of ammonia.
Sweet PDZ.

  - Eliminates odors
- Safe for all human and animal areas
- Removes harmful ammonia vapors
- Helps eliminate moisture
- Economical – extends bedding life

Sweet PDZ is used in stalls, briars, piggeries, catteries, kennels, trash cans, litter boxes and any area that smells bad and/or off gasses ammonia.

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