The right zeolite for the right application


Steelhead Specialty Minerals is a domestic  producer  and international provider of of natural zeolites including several clinoptilites, ferrierite, phillipsite and mordenite species. Steelhead has worked with a wide variety industries to help them identify the appropriate zeolite for their application and then sourced, mined and produced the zeolite to meet their need and specification. Steelhead Specialty Minerals is the owner of several deposits and has strong relationships with other zeolite sources in the U.S. This ensures that we will find the best zeolite for your business.

Zeolite minerals have tremendous potential in myriad of industries with new applications are being discovered constantly. They are economical, adaptable, natural, organic and safe for the environment. Regardless of your industry, Steelhead Specialty Minerals, will provide you with the right natural zeolite for the job. Call us today to discuss your need!










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